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My Vintage Kitchen was founded overnight by 3 women; a mother and her two wicked step daughters...o.k., o.k., maybe we are not her step daughters...or wicked....but we are her with particularly fancy writing hum....oh yeah, back to it. Our sight incorporates great recipe's from our test kitchen and fantastic merchandise. So please stop, shop, find some good eats, and laugh along as we walk the plank of internet business!

Who we are:

Kris is an interior designer who lives in the midwest and has raised one pee-Shelly & one carrot-Robin.

Shelly is an art consultant who lives in the midwest. She hates the "music" of Captain & Tennille.…especially their first Christmas album.

Robin is a homemaker on the east coast in the middle of writing an instruction manual on how to tie cherry stems in knots *without* using your tongue.

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