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Wednesday, 29 November 2006



Oooh...those cookies sound good! And the post is hilarious! :) Thanks for dropping by 80 Breakfasts :)

Oh, and your aprons and dish towels are adorable!!!


THANK YOU for stopping by! I love your site! We are hopeing to add more to our shopping page soon...we just ordered the cutest toasters...they are polk-a-dot!


Ewww...stranger fudge. I have similar issues. I also hate anything "serve yourself".


I am still having nightmares about it!!!


haha -- well if that invitation to try her fudge wasn't heart warming, I don't know what is.

Next time just act crazy. Or pick a fight with your sister and scream something about her sleeping with your husband. That might get nasty strangers to leave you and your tastebuds alone.


haha, Ali great idea! I will have to bank that in the back of my brain! Not even a week later we ran into her again and like an idiot I asked her if she had done anymore baking, I heard the words come out of my mouth and at the same time was thinking NOOOO SHELLY SHUT UP!
THANK GOD she had no samples with her!


You know, I was with Shelly when she asked the cashier if she had done anymore baking, and right as the words flew out of her mouth I began to think up excuses for not eating ANYTHING that came out of what I can only hope was a kitchen and not an electric burner in a hotel bathroom. Ahhh, I believe a fine prison wine would accompany the stranger fudge nicely.

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