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Thursday, 18 October 2007



Ha! I agree. Screw cocoa.


Cocoa can be OK in a real pinch, but you can't just throw it in there like that recipe says. I always do it seperately in the sub for baking chocolate (it's 3 to 1 cocoa to oil, I think) but even then, it's not perfect. There's not even any oil in that recipe. Plus aren't brownies heavy in egg? That recipe is screwy.

Also, if you *must* use cocoa, do it as a straight sub for baking chocolate and use Dutch processed. I just tried that new Hershey's special dark and it is *ass*.

I think the real problem with those brownies is *oatmeal*. So wrong on so many levels!


Oops -- there is oil in there, but egg whites?!


haha Rebekka screw cocoa! I agree...you know there is only 1...JUST 1 recipe that I have that has cocoa in it that I make over and over and over...chocolate pudding cake. OH IT IS HEAVEN..but so far nothing else is that great!

You know brain girl! The problem is I was looking for recipes that called for the ingredients I had at home....BIG MISTAKE...and you know I should have known better because you know what else is ass...hershy's chocolate! Every time I try it I think why did I buy this!


Agree -- Hershey's chocolate is pretty bad. And I'm a little cheap when it comes to chocolate, but my substitution is semi-sweet Ghiradelli from Trader Joe's (although a lot of chocolate experts I know think it's ass, too.)


ahahaha I love that you describe it as "ass" hahaha

I must admit the only time I eat Ghirardelli is when it has that raspberry oozy stuff in it. I use to buy this AWESOME Belgian chocolate at the wine and cheese gallery down in Greenwood…but unfortunately not enough people down here were buying expensive French cheeses and they went out of business

A truly sad day for us hillbillies in Greenwood. : (

Kimberly Ann

I had my own cocoa disaster making cupcakes. The 3 to 1 ratio thingy didn't work and they ended up hard and shriveled. Ewww.

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