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Saturday, 05 January 2008


Kimberly Ann

Funny, I've been craving summer too. We took out the raspberries that we froze over the summer and made raspberry shortcake for Christmas. I try to eat local but Florida strawberries might convince me to stray.


"Divine?!" Ooooh, I have such a big head right now!

I loved my towels, also, and pimped your site over on my blog. Email me with your email addy if you want me to add you as a reader. (It's private)


I am in summer, a hot summer actually.and I have fresh strawberries, tight now in my fridge. I must try this yummy recipe


Yummy place you have here! :)


Kimberly Ann...I have never tired raspberry shortcake, that sounds wonderful...I can't wait till spring

MMM...Glad you like your towels!And we appreciate the "pimp" ;)

Sylvia...are you just rubbing it in? Lucky!!! :)

Hummingbird...Thanks for stopping by!!


I got hungry by just reading the recipes and looking at the pictures :)

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