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Friday, 04 January 2008



I can't grow jack although it's mainly neglect on my part. I've thought about one of those Cha cha cha Chia gardens. I need as much maintenance free stuff as possible.


OOoo I'd love to hear some suggestions as well. I'm terrible with plants.

PS - Got my kitchen towels today! Thank you so much! I love the retro print. :)

Aunt Kittie

I have basil and rosemary in the kitchen window. They require little attention and not a lot of water. That maybe the problem, either too much water or not enough. It seems herbs grow best is loomy soils in-doors, so a good potting mix of "Starter" - more mossy, tends to help. Water only when they begin to look a little droopy, water well and forget them until they start to droop again. I try to use them by clipping off the tips so they don't become stringy and fill in the rest of the plant. If you have a good root and stalk they will do better. Also, you can root basil and most of the other herbs in water and transfer them to a pot later. So if you buy fresh packaged herbs on a stalk, you can trim the end, remove at least a row of leaves or two and put it in water in a window. Keep the water level above the trimed leaves because roots will sprout from there. If it doesn't work, I'll bring you some in the spring.


Can't answer that one, but guess what?! I am craving green grapes, and can't find them anywhere. I FINALLY found some last night, and when I weighed them and checked the price, they were over $9!! No, thanks! Can't wait unti they're back in season! Waaaaah!


Beck...If I get a Chia I will let you know how it goes

Ali...glad you like the towels!

Aunt Kittie...I had no idea you cold start them like that. I've been buying herbs that still have the roots and dirt, (they sell them at target next to the other fresh herbs) I tried to plant some but they all died.

MMM...$9 for grapes!!!!!Holy Crap! I think I would opt for a bottle of wine instead! I hate people that live in California...they can grow that stuff year round. grrr.


Haha. Yes, it was $3.99 per pound. Two freaking plus pounds was gonna cost me $9! ACCCKKK. Come back green grapes!

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